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Suami Sazzy Falak Kemalangan

Semoga Nazril segera sembuh.



Suami kepada pelakon Sazzy Falak, Nazril Idrus patah tulang selangka dan retak tulang rusuk setelah terlibat dalam kemalangan semasa melakukan aktiviti berbasikal bersama rakan-rakan, termasuk Yasmin Hani dan Shahrin Razali.

Perkara itu didedahkan oleh Sazzy menerusi laman Instagramnya.

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These past two days have been the longest days ever. Hubby had a bad cycling fall and broke his collarbone and fractured his ribs. He’s got gashes on his face, hips and arms . He was out cycling with our friends. @yasminhani and @shaarin were the ones who found my husband lying face down with his legs still entangled in his bicycle. They acted right away and got everything going to make sure Nash was in a better position and called for help. Oh the horror I felt when Hani called me to tell the news! Right away he was brought to the hospital and it’s been crazy ever since . His left collarbone is broken into four and his rib cage is fractured. He has difficulty breathing but Insya Allah with doctors’ and nurses monitoring he’ll improve. He will most probably undergo surgery once he’s more stable . Thank you to all my dearest friends who dropped everything and came running to helped us through the ordeal yesterday. Also to my friends who made calls to make sure Nash gets the best treatment. I’m extremely tired but super bersyukur for all the love we’ve received. Will keep everyone updated on stories. To our friends near and far that reached out, thank you for your prayers and concerns. We love you 💜

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Ketika kejadian, Nazril ditemui oleh Yasmin Hani dan suaminya Shahrin dalam keadaan terbaring tidak sedarkan diri dengan kaki masih tersangkut pada basikal.

Yasmin yang juga sahabat baik Sazzy terus memaklumkan perkara itu kepada Sazzy sebelum Nazril dibawa ke hospital.

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